15 Natural Ways to Trick Your Brain to Produce More Oxytocin and Unleash the "Love Hormone"

15 Natural Ways to Trick Your Brain to Produce More Oxytocin and Unleash the "Love Hormone"

Oxytocin is known as ‘the love hormone’ among people.

Some even call it ‘the life hormone,’ as one of the main functions it has is causing uterine contractions during childbirth, helping the baby being born. However, in smaller qualities, it will relax the body, in women and men.

One especially familiar example is how relaxed people feel when they are with their loved ones. That type of full body languor is quite effective when it comes to eliminating tension and stress from the body.

However, not every one of us has someone to love. And, even when we do, we will not say no to more love chemicals, right?

So, how can we trick the body to produce more oxytocin if we do not have a person to love?

These are the 15 natural ways of tricking our brain into producing ‘the love hormone’ which are way cheaper than dating a human being:

1. Connect with our friends.

In this modern time of social media, it is easier to discover old classmates or street friends that we fell out of touch with. This happy and warm rush is everything that we need in order to wash the stress away. The warm feeling is going to stimulate oxytocin production in our body.

2. Call someone that we love at the moment.

If we are not prepared to search for our long lost friend, we can simply pick up our phone and call a person that is close to us now. Sharing and speaking with our friends is going to give us a positive outlook and help our body release more of this ‘love hormone.’

3. Earphones in and noise out.

We should plug our earphones in to listen to relaxing and calming music. It can be some great classics or only plain nature sounds while we are working. We should put ourselves in the zone and empty our mind of jarring notes. The beautiful music is going to stimulate our brain to produce oxytocin.

4. We should eat tryptophan.

Some foods have more tryptophan that was shown to promote oxytocin production. Some foods which have high levels of tryptophan are eggs, bananas, whole grain rice and quinoa, yogurt, sesame seeds, walnuts, cashews, salmon, beans, potatoes, and legumes. We are going to notice the huge difference if we add these foods to our diet.

5. We should take a long and profound breath.

Something as simple as several long and profound breaths may instantly refresh us. We have to try it and see the results. The relaxation we are going to feel from the rush will be an amazing feeling, and it may stimulate our brain to produce the love hormone, due to the instant relaxation.

6. Commune with ourselves.

We should take the needed time in order to enjoy our own company. This is a healthy process, as we spend some time with ourselves, in solitude. We can take a short and quiet walk, or sit at home and laugh hard as we can at something that we are watching or reading.

7. We should try new things.

This is going to inculcate a sense of exploration and adventure, regardless of how small the new thing we are undertaking is. There will be no better way to defeat stress than genuine enjoyment. Also, the act of getting out of our boring routine is going to fill us with excitement and love.

8. We should hug someone.

One of the main reasons why oxytocin is called the love hormone is as it gets released when people hold or hug each other in close contact for more than 30 seconds.

9. Eat dark chocolate.

One well-known fact about chocolate is that it promotes dopamine production in our brain and when there is more dopamine, it may boost our oxytocin levels as well.

10. Get a massage.

Some research done by a group of scientists has discovered that getting a massage will increase the levels of oxytocin in our body and reduce adrenocorticotropin hormone levels. We are creatures that need connection and physical touch, so getting a massage is going to give us the physical touch we need. It is going to reduce stress hormones of the body and boost the levels of oxytocin which make us feel loved.

11. Increase our B vitamins.

Most of our B vitamins take care of the health of our brain. They also support the promotion of oxytocin and dopamine levels.

12. Get some sun.

Getting some sun is instantly going to make us happier. The rays of the sun stimulate the parts of our brain that promote feel-good chemicals, and also oxytocin and the sense of brightness and warmth is additionally going to support this process.

13. Get some exercise.

About 30 minutes of exercise is significantly going to boost our dopamine levels, and even reduce the stress hormones in our body. The act of exercising lets our body known that it is taken care of and loved. This is the thing which stimulates oxytocin production.

14. Increase the intake of magnesium.

Magnesium is a supporter of the production of oxytocin. Foods which have high levels of magnesium are chard, spinach, pumpkin seeds, kefir, yogurt, almonds, avocado, black beans, dark chocolate, figs, and bananas.

15. Meditate.

Meditating may give us a sense of love unlike we have never felt before. It is going to show us that love is not only a romantic aspect we were often led to believe, but in fact, it is only one of the many different forms that love manifests through.

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