10 Signs Indicating That We Have Finally Found Our Soulmate

10 Signs Indicating That We Have Finally Found Our Soulmate

We have all heard or read about soulmates, soul connections, or soul reminders, and most of us even have the chance and luck to experience them.

Our soulmates are different from our life partners. There are people that never encounter a soul connection or soulmate, but they encounter their life partners, and such relationships could be quite satisfying. They often build these relationships on mutual respect, friendship, and above all, trust.

We don’t have control over circumstances and timing in life. There are people that can’t wait forever, hoping to find their soulmates, and that’s why they feel satisfied with life partners. For some of them, it is all about survival, companionship, or security, and soulmate as a word doesn’t resonate. This concept could seem dreamy, unrealistic and flighty. Timing, life circumstances, availability, security, or other factors could have an influence on our choices about a relationship.

However, the chances are that if we are prepared, blessed enough, and open to meet our soulmate during this life, it is going to happen unexpected and unanticipated. Also, it may feel destabilizing and unsettling as it is quite a distinct connection than others we had before. Such a connection can’t be clearly articulated with explanations or words. It is about magnetic energy, and intuitive knowing, it simply seems right. Time or space isn’t considered when we find our ways to each other.

The beautiful and amazing soul reminders could pop into our lives temporarily, in order to remind us that there are things we have forgotten; our singing, writing, creating, dancing, imagining, or simply living. They will start the fire, and sometimes they will stay, while other times they will move on. However, they can often leave us appreciative, or also breathless. They will even remind us always to be vibrant, hopeful and alive.

But, before going to these depths and have the courage to notice them, we have to love ourselves first. This means that when we have a love for ourselves, everything will come effortlessly and naturally, transforming through us and also transfixing to someone else that loves himself or herself too, and is open and prepared for depth.

Intimacy always requires us to have our hearts open. Searching, praying, looking, visualizing, or meditation will not bring us our soulmate. Of course, our soulmate can inspire, remind, or enhance our lives, but there is not a person that can be our happiness, except us, our own selves.

Here are the ten elements of soulmates:

1. It is intense 

Relationships with soulmates could be far more intense and hard to handle in good or bad ways than normal relationships. However, one of the most significant things is actually that even during some negative episodes, we are focused on solving the issue, and we can even see beyond bad moments.

2. Flashbacks

If our partner is our soulmate, there are chances that she or he was present in our past lives. We might also feel a strange feeling of déjà vu, just like a particular moment already took place, maybe a couple of years ago, and maybe in another setting.

3. They are mentally inseparable

Soulmates usually have mental connections similar to the twins. For example, they can take the phone in order to call one another at the same time. Although they are sometimes kept apart, their minds are always going to be in good tune if they are soulmates.

4. They tend to fall in love with each other’s flaws

There is no perfect relationship, and even the relationships between soulmates are going to experience ups, or downs. However, that bond is going to be much difficult to break. Soulmates accept each other easily, and they even learn to love their imperfections.

5. It is something inside

It is hard to describe how our soulmate makes us feel. It is a profound, lingering, and tenacious emotion that no word is able to encompass.

6. Both of them against this world

Usually, soulmates see their relationships as “them against the whole world. “Also, they feel so connected together that sometimes makes them prepared and willing to do whatever they want to, but until they have the soulmate next to them, and supporting them.

7. We can’t imagine our life without them

Soulmates aren’t someone we can forget and stop loving easily. In fact, they are someone we cannot imagine our life without, or a person that we believe is worth fighting for and sticking with.

8. We feel protected and secure

Our partner should always make us feel protected and secure, regardless of their gender. Our soulmates are going to make us feel as if we have our guardian angel watching over us. The person that will play on our insecurities, regardless of the fact if it is subconsciously or conscious, is not our soulmate.

9. We simply get one another

We have all sometimes met two people that finish the sentences of one another. Some believe that this happens as they spend most of their time together; however, others say that it is a connection between soulmates. We might experience all this with our mother or our best friend, but it would be a sure sign of connection between soulmates if we experience this with our partner.

10. We can look in the eyes of one another

Soulmates tend to look into the eyes of one another when they speak more frequently than some ordinary couples do so. This comes in a natural way from the quite profound connection present between them. When we look someone in the eyes while we are speaking with him or her, it is a sign that the level of confidence and comfort between us is high.

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