10 Eternal Truths that will Transform Everything you Thought you Knew

10 Eternal Truths that will Transform Everything you Thought you Knew

We know that things craft our reality, but that is not ‘nearly’ the truth.

Everything that we learn on history class is probably a lie. It is the same with the whole system of learning an individual.

We embrace uniqueness. This actually means that we strive to be different, as well as the fall of the wagon of mediocre teachings.

Today, we will tell you the ten timeless truths, which will shift your perception to a whole new level.

1. All the things are energy-force-fields.

One remarkable thing is that there is no objective reality separate from the observer.

The reality which people experience is self-created, and they select it from the Absolute Reality that surrounds them. So, they only experience their own perception of that reality. Their perception is also the reality they think they experience and it is formed from the Infinite Reality they look at.

Every one of us individually creates its own reality on the spot, using its perception.

Moreover, all the things in creation are aspects of each other, and one aware energy can experience other energies. Such other energies are not necessarily as aware as human beings. Some of them are less aware, and others are more. There are different densities of energies with some different levels of awareness.

2. Creation is always something new.

The universal mind actually is and contains consciousness, as well as the so-called unconsciousness or the Non-Being.

The universal mind, as well as its manifestations, is a Dynamic Energy which changes continuously. Creation is always new. Actually, there is nothing outside of the universal mind for all things live within the Unbroken Wholeness.

Every one of us is this unbroken wholeness or Universal Mind. It is actually our mind, but we are tuning out all realities except the physical one.

From the Absolute Reality, all of the things are created by the directed energies which we call thought or mind. The more we have the ability to focus on our thoughts, the more we have the ability to create.

3. We are a fuzzy bit of stuff which vibrates.

The matter is, in fact, more than 99.99999% emptiness. Actually, there is nothing there but a fuzzy bit of stuff which vibrates like crazy and makes us believe that matter is solid.

There is another question: Why cannot we see through matter if it is more than 99.99999% emptiness? Why do we see and experience solidness? On top of everything, in all the years we go to school – why we were not told that matter is an illusion? What is the secret and why they keep us dumb?

4. We do not learn very much in our so-called Halls of Learning.

As human beings, we have limited ourselves to but a few octaves of total reality while the spectrum is infinite. Here is one very important point: the entire scheme of delusion and illusion is manifested and re-enforced by the rulers of our world.

Also, there are no schools or institutions in the world which tell us about our elusive existence, still we spent around 12 to 15 years in such great halls of learning.

5. We have programmed our minds with an illusion.

Our elusive existence on Earth is actually a creation by the creator that exists within us, which is completely directed by the minds of the population of the world.

Every one of us can agree on the reality that we see and experience, while in the meantime, the reality that we see is the virtual reality that we reinforced by believing in it.

Our mind was programmed with an illusion. We are deceiving ourselves, and we are not aware of that. Meanwhile, nobody teaches us what is going on in.

6. We are not color blind, but we are a dimension or density blind.

One of the top secrets is that our body is a lens, a filter. It can experience a specific physical reality only, which in and by itself is actually not there, but it is an illusion. Objective reality does not exist out there, but we create it on the spot of our head.

It is just like one seeing the color red in a picture which contains a myriad of other colors and then says: I see a red building – it is all red. Probably, we can only see one part in a million of the Total Reality that surrounds us, which is called Physical Reality. All of the other realities are filtered out by our awareness system. We are surrounded by them, but they are not experienced or noticed by humans. Also, we do not even suspect that they are around us.

7. Nothing is outside of us.

Every one of us creates our own individual reality out of the Infinite-Holographic-Absolute-Reality which surrounds us and in which we are living. We live right within it, and we are it. It can also be called the Reality of God.

The Absolute Reality is actually a palette from which we select our realities like when a painter selects the paints from his palette. What we see, as well as what we experience as our physical reality is a specific selection or also a vibration of the essence of the universe.

8. We actually miss more than we see or experience.

As we experience life in the matter through the body or filter, we are fooled into believing that matter is the only thing that is around.

Our matter body, as well as our conscious mind, are in synchronicity with the perceptions which we create from our surroundings. Also, we do not experience all the other energies or realities as we are out of sync with them, but they are from a different dimension or realm.

9. The nature of consciousness is…

Consciousness can divide itself, and it can also forget about itself. This is the reason why a lot of us do not remember who or what we really are.

This actually can also mean that we can unite and become one with other consciousness.

Right now, from a human point of view, we are not one in consciousness with our Higher Self. But, we are one from a higher point of view. Our Higher Consciousness sustains and is us, engaged in our semi-unconscious journey.

10. We teach our children nonsense.

There is actually no objective physical reality out there without us and what we experience is a world of illusion of our own creation, which actually exists in our mind only. It does not exist out there, there is no objective reality.

Also, we have accepted the “world in our head” as real and most people believe that this is the only world which exists.