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Tree of Life Crystal Ball Suncatcher

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Wind chimes create pleasant music for your ears, while suncatchers are beautiful eye candies that "catch" light from the sun or other light sources. Suncatchers have been used by many to bring good Feng Shui into the home or workplace. They deliver the positive energy of the sun into the dark area and energize it by dispersing the light around in the form of rainbow light. 

Hanging this Tree of Life Crystal Ball Suncatcher in your home or office can offer several benefits. 

  • In the window, to bring you a powerful feng shui energy. 
  • Over a desk or other work area, to improve concentration.
  • Between the stove and sink in the kitchen, to help promote harmony in your home.
  • In a dark corner that accumulates stagnant energy, to release negative energies.

This Tree of Life Crystal Ball Suncatcher is made with the finest quality crystal beads and prisms to give a sparkling spectacle to your sacred space. 


✔️Item Type: Hanging Crystal Suncatcher

✔️Item Condition: Brand New

✔️ Size: Style 1: 5cm x 28.5 cm Style 2: 5cm x 30cm

✔️ Materials: Glass crystals, Semi-precious stones

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⚠ The product effect may vary depending on the light source and proximity of walls/objects. 

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