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Labradorite Sphere Of Spiritual Truth

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What if there's a way to heal and transform even with a simple add-on to your home decors?

Labradorite or Spectrolite, is a mineral stone that is popularly called " Rainbow Moonstone" because of the rainbow and gold colors that the stone manifest when struck by light. 

Labradorite is a great companion when undergoing change, learning, and trials. It protects and balances the consciousness, aura and spiritual energies. It helps you transform and heal insecurities, fears and bring out creativity and enthusiasm.

Physically helpful, the Labradorite Sphere Of Spiritual Truth is known to help treat rheumatism, colds and gout. It stimulates the mental activity of the brain inducing calmness and mental acuity.

Place this piece as a home decor where your family commonly gather to make all the members absorb its great healing and transforming properties!

✔️Material: Natural Labradorite
✔️Item Style: Stone
✔️Color: Pictured(Rainbow Gold)
We do not ship to APO, FPO Addresses. 

The sooner you display the Transformation and Protection Labradorite Sphere in your home, the sooner you and your family members feel its transforming power!

This item is made in small and infrequent batches. We recommend ordering immediately to avoid stock shortages.

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