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Sterling Silver 6 Syllable Mantra Lotus Signet Ring

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A way to be free from sufferings.

A world full of uncertainty, adversity, and burden. There is a chance that you can get to live in this beautiful world without all the negativity in your life. How? Explore it below...

A sacred six-syllable mantra has been practiced by Buddhism in search to free oneself from suffering and be able to be reborn into a pure and transformed self. The Om Mani Padme Hung has a vast and elaborate meaning. Once it is recited, you must think and embody its meaning. 

  • Om- or AUM is a symbol of impure body and mind, and a symbol of Buddha’s pure exalted mind, body, and speech. Purifies the pride.
  • Mani- meaning jewel. Just like a jewel that frees you from poverty, it allows you to escape difficulties of recurring existence. Gives you freedom from suffering rooted from desires and jealousy.
  • Padme- signifies the sacred lotus, meaning wisdom. A lotus, a symbol of how you majestically transform from the mud to the beauty you are today. It frees you from ignorance and greed.
  • Hung- the seed syllable of Akshobya- immovable and invisible. Freedom from anger.

Donning a piece of a reminder of this valuable mantra will help you eliminate your sufferings. TheSterling Silver 6 Syllable Mantra Lotus Signet Ring is embossed by the sacred six-syllable mantra and a lotus. Embody a pure and transformed body, mind and speech by wearing this piece!

Made from sterling silver and skillfully polished by great artists, this piece will surely make your day free from negativities and unwanted vibes!

Product Details:

✔️Item Type: Ring
✔️Item Condition: Brand New
✔️Material: 100% 925 Sterling Silver
✔️Design: 6 Syllable Mantra
✔️Color: Silver
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Grab theSterling Silver 6 Syllable Mantra Lotus Signet Ring and live a pure and transformed self now!


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