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Sacred Sri Yantra Keychain

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Carry the 12,000-year-old mystical symbol that grants all your wishes!

The Sri Yantra is the most auspicious and powerful yantras of all. It consists of sacred geometrical shapes:

  • Bhupura- Square with T-shaped “entries”
  • Trikona- Triangles of different size and angles
  • Chakra- Circle
  • Bindu- a dot in the middle
  • Padma- sacred lotus flower

This sacred geometrical diagram is used in meditation and spiritual exercises. Its powers are derived from the inner cosmic energies and higher consciousness that clears and purifies the negative energies giving way to fulfilling your dreams and wishes.

This ‘mother of all Yantras’ also provides tranquility, peace, happiness, and balanced energy. By simply looking and meditating at the dot or the Bindu, it enhances your pineal gland or the Third Eye Chakra. The Pineal Gland is a vital component in your spiritual awakening.

What are your problems in life? Do you want to achieve something that has been within you ever since? Do you need a little ‘pause’ with your daily routine? Then this piece is for you!

TheSacred Sri Yantra Keychain is an easy to carry piece that brings you closer to your desires, tranquility, and enlightenment!

Product Details
✔️Material: glass & alloy with a high-quality image of the yantra.
✔️Color: as pictured.
✔️Total Length: 4.13 inches / 10.5 cm.
✔️Key Ring Size:Diameter is 1.18 inch / 3cm
✔️Pendant Size: Diameter is 1.10 inch / 2.8 cm.
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