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Sacred Sri Yantra Earrings

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Who would’ve thought that be simply meditating, you can achieve all your wishes?!

The sacred geometry Sri Yantra also called the ‘mother of all Yantras’ is an ancient geometrical figure that encompasses all the yantras. Yantras are instruments that are used in meditation and tantric tradition. By simply meditating with the use of Sri Yantra, you could achieve all your dreams!

Sri Yantra is composed of sacred patterns such as the dot in the middle or the Bindu, triangular shapes pointing up and down, the sacred lotus flower, the outer square with T-shaped ‘entry gates” and the circles. These patterns have their own symbolism.

The Bindu or the dot is said to radiate an energy that aids meditation and reaching higher consciousness. By simply staring at the dot will enhance your Pineal Gland. It is a gland that is directly connected to your Third Eye Chakra. According to Rene Descartes, it is the “principal seat of the soul” as it is a vital component in spiritual awakening.

The Sri Yantra is known to generate powers from the inner cosmic energies and mental capacities to fulfill all your worldly desires and wishes. Donning the Sacred Sri Yantra Earrings is a great way of achieving your dreams!

The Sacred Sri Yantra Earrings is intricately crafted with a glass dome over the high-quality image of the Sri Yantra. A beautiful piece to adorn soft tones of your ears!

Product Details
✔️Material: glass & alloy with a high-quality image of the yantra.
✔️Color: as pictured.
✔️Earrings Size: Diameter is 1.63 inch / 1.6cm.
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