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Love and Healing Thumb Massage Stone

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Hold this Love and Healing Thumb Massage Stone to soothe your worries and feel the healing power of the crystal.

Amethyst - a master healer and extremely soothing. It is said to cleanse and clear the mind, creating the right mood for spiritual development and healing.

Clear Quartz - deeply cleansing and said to bring mental and spiritual clarity.

Rose Quartz - very supporting and can help us to love ourselves.

Opalite - bring happiness, recommended for depression, soothing the nerves and achieving inner peace.

Black Obsidian - a grounding stone that calm fears and root spiritual energy in the body, create a feeling of security.

These stones have been expertly polished to bring out their subtle tone. The tactile surface is perfect to hold or carry with you at all times and keep benefitting from the marvelous energy of amethyst, clear quartz, rose quartz, opalite, or black obsidian.


✔️Item Type: Thumb Stone

✔️Item Shape: Oval Shape

✔️Outer Diameter: 25mm

✔️Item Weight: approximately 20g

✔️Material: Natural Gem Stone

✔️Gemstone Size: approximately 1.77x1.37x0.27 in | approximately 4.5x3.5x0.7cm

✔️Natural Stone: Rose Quartz , Obsidian , White Crystal , Amethyst

✔️Sell Unit: 1 Piece

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