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Reiki Healing Natural Crystal Stones Set

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Crystals have been used for thousands of years for their energetic healing properties.

Different crystals have different energy fields and vibrations which interfere with our own and can help to rebalance and unblock our own fields.

The body has hundreds of energy points, the 7 chakra's being the main ones. When these become blocked, we can feel lethargic and have a variety of health complaints that may be helped with the simple use of specific crystals.

These crystals will help you to relax and open up your higher chakras to help the flow of a new, higher more loving energy to enter the body and provide protection against lower vibrations and energy that no longer serves your higher purpose.


✔️ Material: natural crystal

✔️ Box Size: 227mm x 143mm x 52mm (1in=25.4mm)

✔️ Total Weight: 900g -1200g

✔️ Base Diameter: 20mm

✔️ Shape: irregular

✔️ Packaging: 14 pieces (please see photos for each box inclusion)

Note: Each crystal is made from different stones. Please expect some slight color differences between each piece. 

We take pride in every single piece we offer. When you buy from us you know it has been made with the utmost attention to detail that we are sure you will love.

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