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Infinity Pendant Lamp

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According to Osho, an Indian religious movement leader, darkness has tremendous depth, silence and infinity. When the light comes, darkness goes but will remain. 


Infinity or the Lemniscate is immeasurable, with no beginning and no end. A symbol of which has deeper meanings. It is commonly associated with love, spirituality, universe, cosmos, beauty, and power. 

The word infinity was coined after the Latin word "infinitas" meaning endless, boundless, and everlasting. The infinity isn't just a symbol, it holds great power that has been used for centuries by gods and pharaohs. It was believed to bring protection, balance and harmony and is a depiction of the Kundalini energy in Indian culture.

In Chinese tradition, infinity is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Also, this sign isn't just seen or believed to exist outside the human body. Infinity is also present within every cell in the body, it is the continuous strand of 8 in the double helix DNA.

The Infinity Pendant Lamp is created to illuminate the power of Lemniscate. Attract balance and harmony within your relationship, invite prosperity and positivity within your home and end your darkness using Infinity Pendant Lamp.


✔️Item Type:
 Pendant Lights
✔️Light Source: LED Bulbs
✔️Lampshade Color: White / Gold / Black
✔️Size: Length 70cm /Length 50cm
✔️Wire length: 1.2m(adjustable)
✔️Certification: RoHS
✔️Power Source: AC 50Watts, 36Watts
✔️Installation Type: Cord Pendant
✔️Number of light sources: > 20
✔️Voltage: 90-260V
✔️Lighting Area: 10-15square meters
✔️Base Type: Wedge
✔️Is Dimmable: Yes
✔️Material: Acrylic and Aluminum alloy
✔️Input: AC110volts,120,90-260volts
✔️Light temperature: Cool white(no remote), Warm white (no remote), Dimmable with remote

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Light up and invite balance and harmony in your place through Infinity Pendant Light!

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