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Infinite Light Bundle

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Reiki and Mantra Infused - $7.00

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Let your inner light shine brighter and bolder than ever before.

If you are craving to increase your vibrational frequency so it is in synchronization with your SOUL — the infinite light bundle is what you've been searching for.

With the help of carefully handpicked crystals, you'll be able to amplify your inner light to such a high degree that your psychological wounds will transform and add to your inner strength.

It is the ULTIMATE HEALER OF WOUNDS — which is understandable, because healers around the world have been wielding the power of special crystals for millennia.

You can also use these crystals to HEAL your wounded child from the inside out so that you could live a magnificent life from your authentic true self.

Since your wounds are the internal roadblocks that are preventing you from progress, expect to witness unexpected pleasant new transformations in your life as well.

May your light be infinite and may you float in bliss.

What's included:

  • Your bundle will be imbued with ancient mantras (by monks) to supercharge the bundle's effects ✔
  • A personally curated blend of handmade artifacts designed to heal your wounds ✔
  • A unique, specially recorded (digital) guided meditation (*ONLY TODAY) ✔
  • 15% of the proceeds from your order will be used to build and promote
  • educated, economically independent communities around the world to benefit planet earth ✔

*VALID ONLY TODAY: If you order right now, your order will also include a free (BONUS) guided meditation ($11.97 value) designed to supercharge the effects of this bundle.

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