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Howlite Miniature Enrichment Pyramid

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Center your energies.

Placing a Pyramid Crystal on your desk raises the energy around you. This allows you to stay focused while working. Placing a pyramid in the refrigerator keeps your food in a high energy environment. Of course, you can also hold it in your hand while meditating.

From ancient times, the Pyramids of Egypt have been acknowledged as powerful design structures that connect all kinds of energy forces. Its shape has been proven to possess the geometry that radiates healing powers.

Howlite is a powerful calming stone that soothes erratic thoughts and emotions, helps you unwind, and let go of unwanted thoughts that helps you get rid of stress and anxiety. It is vey effective in giving you comfort and pacify anger and aggressiveness that helps you let go of unhealthy or painful attachments. Its soothing energy gently eases you into peaceful inner awareness.

It is also the Stone of Awareness known for its strong associations with self-awareness wherein it puts into focus your strengths to become your driving force and your weaknesses as inspiration to become better. It strengthens your positive traits and also helps dissolve feelings of self-sabotage to promote self-realizations. The energy of Howlite dispels negativity and teaches the value of patience.


Item Type: Pyramid
Stone: White Howlite
Size: about 2.8-3cm
Weight: about 25g
Quantity: 1pc

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