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Himalayan Rudraksha and Coconut Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Rudraksha seed plays an important role in a spiritual seeker’s journey. The best of it grows in a certain altitude in the Himalayan region as that particular altitude level influences the seed, giving it a very unique vibration.

It has been used by sadhus and sanyasis to detect positive and negative Pranic (life force) of food and water before ingesting them. The rudraksha seeds are held above the water or food and should move in a clockwise direction if it is good, then anti-clockwise if not.

Rudraksha seeds can also create a cocoon of your own energy and has a protective property as well shielding its bearer against negative energies.

Many enlightened masters wore Rudraksha beads like Buddha, Dalai Lama, and Gandhi.

Product Details

  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Chain Type: Elastic
  • Material: Natural Coconut Shell, Rudraksha, Tiger eye
  • Length: 16cm, 18cm | 6.3in, 7.1in
  • Rudraksha Size: 8mm x 6mm | 0.3in x 0.2in
  • Coconut Shell Size: 8mm x 2mm, 5mm x 2mm |
    0.3in x 0.08in, 0.2ni x 0.08in
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