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Healing Natural White Crystal Cluster

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Heal and purify with the power of the moonlight!

Heal, purify, and cleanse are ways to attract all the good things to come into your life.

The natural white crystal is the purest quartz crystal. It obtains its power from the moon which in turn is reflected from the sun's rays. It is known as the "master healer", purifier and cleanser.

The white crystal carries a light, peace and calmness in times of the dark and a guide to your path. It is a representation of femininity and a symbol of regeneration and birth. It is also a crystal promoting wisdom and intelligence helping you reach higher consciousness. 

As the master healer, the white crystals improve spiritual, physical, and emotional health. It connects the spiritual and physical planes of human to support spiritual healing.  It enhances personal growth and development.

In terms of physical healing, it is believed that white crystals promote improved circulatory and immune systems. Also, it treats migraines, headaches and motion sickness. 

White crystals are also known to dispel negativity and fear by promoting positive thoughts and balanced feelings. It induces better perception, thought process, patience and perseverance.

The Healing Natural White Cluster, in its purest form, is a great piece to promote healing in many facets of life. It can be displayed in a place where you needed it most and where you usually spend most of your time,


✔️Material: White Crystal Cluster
✔️Weight: 300g - 350g / 600g - 650g
✔️Size: Irregular
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