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Healing Breeze Copper Wind Chimes

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Crisp tones in the breeze.

Wind chimes are enchanting instruments, seemingly otherworldly hanging  pieces that fuse with the sacred element of air and intermingle between our physical world and the more ethereal world of Spirit.

​We recognize them as having a kind of mystical allure and a sense of transcendence.

Your positive intentions and creative spirit will set the tone and imbue your hanging piece with good chi and help forge an inspired spiritual connection.

In Feng Shui, to cast away bad luck, a chime with six pipes is chosen. It should be installed in the north-western corner of your house. 


Item Type:Wind Chimes
Material: Copper
Length: approx 50cm
Diameter: 7cm
Bell Size: 3cm x 2.5 cm | 1.2in x 1in (HxD)
Clock Size: 6cm x 6cm | 2.3in x 2.3in (DxH)
Package Inclusion: 1x 6 Bells Wind Chime

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