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Healing and Protection Crystal Galaxy Pyramid

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"The pyramid shape is said to hold many secrets and amazing properties. One of them is a sense of wonder." - Vera Nazarian

Visualize a mountain… You'll see the form of a pyramid. It was traditionally a symbol of the spiritual centre. The summit of the mountain represented the point of contact between the Earth and the Sky, a place of truth, a passage between the different human and supra-human or celestial states. Visible from everywhere, the mountain symbolized the truth available to all. Your crystal pyramid bears this symbol.

The opposite of the mountain is a symbol that is just as powerful: the cave. Visualize a cave... It is an image of the cosmic world that represents both the Earth and the Sky. It is the source of the development of human possibilities. Crystal pyramid also carries this symbol.

The mountain is represented by a triangle resting on one side, while the cave is represented by an upside-down triangle resting on a summit.

In this form, the cave symbolizes the goblet, the receptacle of Knowledge.

The biggest and most famous pyramid is the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt.

This form is:

  • A condenser of cosmic energy
  • A beacon
  • A library

The pyramid is a symbol of stability. As a result, it is the foundation of various traditional constructions such as huts or tepees. But it was also widely used by the great architects: it was the shape of the Egyptian pyramids, the arrows on cathedrals, and our own roofs! Beyond this vertical stability, the triangular shape also provides horizontal stability. 

Product Details 

✔️ Item Type: Pyramid

✔️ Material: Crystal

✔️ Size: 60mm, 80mm

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