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HD Modern Golden Wood Buddha Painting

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A symbolism or an icon gives meaning to a painting that beautifies a blank slate. A Buddha art is known to be very significant to the believers of this way of life. A painting of Buddha’s face gives aesthetic effects, and it attracts harmony and peace within a room.

Having a painting of Buddha’s face inside a home or office is believed to draw luck, prosperity, wealth, wisdom and enlightenment. It invites calmness, relaxation, and bliss. According to Vastu and ancient Chinese Feng shui, a painting of Lord Buddha increases the stream of Chi energy in a room bringing in fortune and happiness.

Placing a Buddha painting in a room is not only exclusive to those practicing Buddhism. Any person practicing other religions could also use a Buddha art, as long as they manifest respect and acknowledgment of the Lord Buddha and his teachings.

This is a limited edition, fine art canvas painting with a premium color is ready to be framed and hanged.

Item Details:

✔️Image: Buddha
✔️Shape: Rectangle
✔️Material: Canvas
✔️Frame:  None
    • Small: 30.5cm x 40.5cm | 12in x 16in 
    • Medium:40.5cm x 51cm | 16in x 20in
    • Large: 51cm x 71cm | 20in x 28in
    • Extra Large: 61cm x 81cm |24in x 32in
✔️Hangs In: Living Rooms, Bedrooms, Nurseries, Offices, Cafes, Hotels, anywhere!
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    Limited Quantity Available.

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