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Handmade Natural Crystal Point Necklace

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Clear Quartz crystals have been valued since ancient times as far back as Atlantis and Lemuria believing that it harnessed the sun’s powers containing the entire color spectrum and as a source of Light to mankind. Different cultures regarded it highly, hailing it as the supreme gift of Mother Earth, incarnations of the Divine, the eternal ice that never thaws, and the connection between physical and spiritual dimensions.

Clear Quartz Crystals have very high vibrations. They strongly resonate within the Eighth Chakra bearing its white or clear color. It also resonates with all the chakras especially the higher chakras, earning its place as a master healer.  The mind and heart become more open to higher guidance and will assist the higher chakras to emit white light and aid you to reach the higher spiritual realms more easily.

It symbolizes space, purity, and patience and has extensive metaphysical properties. Clear Quartz Crystals  produces a field of healing negative ions while removing positive ions to protect the aura, enhancing the energy flow of the body bringing it to balance. Its healing properties can eliminate blockages and allow energy to flow smoothly throughout the body. It can elevate the mind to an enlightened point of view. It most powerful quality is the ability to absorb then amplify energy put into it. The crystal will be immersed in your intentions to magnify and emanate that energy.

This Handmade Natural Crystal Point Necklace is made with a beautiful clear quartz crystal in its purestform.


Product Details:

  • Condition: Brand New
  • Item Type: Necklace
  • Material: Natural Clear Crystal Quartz
  • Crystal Size: Approx. 4cm-5cm | 1.6in - 2in
  • Quantity: 1pc
  • Note: Rope color is random (Light Brown or Dark Brown)
  • We do not ship to APO, FPO Address

This item is handmade and can take several hours to days to complete. 

Stock is limited and we do sell out often. 

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