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Green Peridot Feng Shui Abundance Tree

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Peridot is the national gem of Egypt, the place of its discovery, where it is known as the gem of the Sun. For over 3500 years the stone was mined in the Egyptian Red Sea Island.

Peridot is a beautiful stone that is known for its olive green color that just reminds you of summer once you look at it. It’s a beautiful gem that really stands out in the line up of other birthstones.

Peridot is a special stone but one of the biggest reasons is that it’s commonly associated with Hawaiian folklore. Because the color of the stone is light green, it also tends to have that island feel as well and for many people, they believe that it means and symbolized good fortune.

It gives off good vibes all the way around. It’s known for being a positive power that really does give off good vibes and energy to those around it.

Peridot is a symbolic gift for couples celebrating their sixteen years of marriage.

This Green Peridot Feng Shui Abundance Tree makes for a beautiful display item in any room. The of stone Peridot magnifies strength and balance, peace, and harmonizing your mind and body.


Item Type:Crystal Money Tree
Stone:Green Peridot
Height: 80mm - 100mm

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