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Feng Shui Fortune Coins Wealth Charm

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Our Feng Shui Fortune Coins Wealth Charm is the most common Feng Shui coins - they represent the five emperors. Five emperors refer to the most powerful emperors in ancient China, namely Shunzhi (順治), Kangxi (康熙), Yongzheng (雍正), Qianlong (乾隆) and Jiaqing (嘉庆).

During the reign of these five powerful emperors, China was prosperous, and people lived and worked in peace. The coins during their reign were well made and circulated for a long time.

It is believed that these coins can protect houses, ward off evil spirits and absorb wealth. 

Placing the Feng Shui Fortune Coins Wealth Charm varies with functions - such as warding off evil spirits, worshipping and bringing in wealth.

When praying for blessings, you can place it wherever you like, as coin is not a taboo for anything and anyone; hanging it in your car can keep you safe; placing it in the living room, office, shrine and somewhere else can help you pursue good fortune and avoid disaster, attract wealth and bring good luck to your family.


Item Type:Copper Coins
Material: Copper, Red Knot Rope
Coins Diameter:approx. 2.4 cm 
Length: approx. 35 cm

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