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Energy Converter and Generator Orgone Pyramid

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 " The magic begins in you.  Feel your own energy, and realize similar energy exists within the Earth, stones, plants, water, wind, fire, colors and animals."- Scott Cunningham

Life, events, and energies on Earth are believed to be interconnected. One has its own energy reflected towards the other entity and vice versa. A relationship. Each possesses a certain power to change, alter, and improve the future course of life, just like the Energy Converter and Generator Orgone Pyramid!

The Energy Converter and Generator Orgone Pyramid is composed of organic and non-organic material that enables the energy from within to radiate outside its body generating positive force that is beneficial to people. It was first introduced by Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich out of his research. 

It is made of resin, natural crystals, ore, metal shavings such as copper and gold. The organic component of the orgone absorbs the vital energy while the non-organic dispells the negative ones. 

The benefits of Energy Converter and Generator Orgone Pyramid is countless. Here are some of it's great effects to those who use it:

  • It cleanses negative energies and absorbs the positive ones. It amplifies the positive energy towards water, food and plants.
  • Heal and cleanse the environment as well as the human body.
  • Neutralizes harmful electromagnetic fields produced by satellites, cell towers, electric grids and other electric devices.
  • It helps with meditation exercises and relaxation.
  • Support better sleep patterns.
  • Attracts prosperity.
  • Strengthens and improves sexual relationships.

Beautifully crafted, the Energy Converter and Generator Orgone Pyramid is a great piece to aid stress and imbalances in your life. It is also an eye candy with its attractive appearance when you place this on your receiving or living area!

✔️Main Stone: Crystal
✔️Metals Type: Copper
✔️Side Stone: Natural material
✔️Material: Resin, energy patch, crystal, natural ore, copper, gold foil
✔️Size: 5-9cm (7cm not available)

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Energize your place, mind and body now with the use of Energy Converter and Generator Orgone Pyramid!

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