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Energy Cleansing Set

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Sage originated from the Latin word ‘salvia’ meaning to heal. Smudging or burning sage can bring forth wisdom and clarity while increasing your spiritual awareness.

Known as the holy wood, Palo Santo has been used in ancient ceremonies for ages. It is harvested only when a tree branch falls and lies dead for 4-10 years. This sacred plant helps keep energy grounded and clear. It has a sweet, subtle and fresh smell with hints of mint and citrus.

The Abalone shells are wonderful gifts from Mother Earth’s ocean. They hold the energy of the ocean bringing a strong calming and healing energy.

In this set, the shell represents the element of water, the Sage and Palo Santo represent the earth, the flame when they are lit calls in the fire, and the smoke represents the air element. Incorporating these elements into your smudging ritual, means you are also inviting Mama Gaia to be the focus of your ceremony.

Cleanse your space and ward bad vibes away with this Energy Cleansing Set. This set contains White Sage, Palo Santo, an abalone shell, a matchbox, and ritual instructions.


✔️ Item Type: Incense
✔️ Item Condition: New
✔️ Set Content: White Sage, Palo Santo, Abalone shell, matchbox, and Ritual manual

Note: Smoke is not intended for direct inhalation. Please be cautious when using fire. Avoid using around pets or children.

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