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Dragon of Fortune Crystal Sphere

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"In the Dark Ages, Magic was a weapon. Love was a mystery, adventure was everywhere and Dragons were real."-- Dragon Slayer


In ancient mythology, dragons were known as a scary beast, serpent-like creature breathing fire guarding its treasures. But even with a fearsome description of this mythical creature, it holds a characteristic that is powerful and beneficial.

Dragons are believed to attract fortune, wealth, prosperity and success. In Chinese mythology, dragons are known to be the Divine Spirit of the Water having control over floods, typhoon and rainfall.

Place this Dragon of Fortune Crystal Sphere within your home and attract the fortune and steady flow of achievement throughout your family!


 Clear Crystal

✔️Item Type: Crystal Sphere

✔️Color: Clear

✔️Size: 10cm diameter

✔️Weight: About 1370g

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Start attracting the fortune and success that the Dragon of Fortune Crystal Sphere gives you now!

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