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Buddha Lotus Flowers Candle Holder

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Buddha statues are taken as objects of great significance in Buddhism and followers of the religion.

This Buddha Lotus Flowers Candle Holder gives a fresh look to your set up. It is great addition for enhancing the ambiance and maintaining the balance and harmony of any room in addition to the relaxing aroma of a scented candle.

Suitable for the study, bedroom, or yoga studio. Place it on your desk, table, or ideally, on an alter stand.

Remind yourself the Eight Ways as Buddha taught.

In the words of the Buddha himself, the eight ways are: Right view, Right intention and thinking, Right speech, Right action, Right manner of living (livelihood, occupation), Right effort, Right mindfulness and Right concentration (attention).


Item Type: Candle Holder
Material: Resin
Size(L*W*H): about 27.5cm x 10cm x 16cm | 10.83in x 3.94in x 6.3in
Package Inclusion:
1x Buddha Head Sculpture
2x Candle Holder
1x Wooden Tray

Note: No candle included.

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