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Bohemian Polar Star Wooden Table Lamp

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In sacred geometry, each shape, line, and figure has a deep and spiritual meaning. The sacred geometry connects smoothly from one to another, just like our thoughts. Through this, you can comprehend the secret of the universe.

This Bohemian Polar Star Wooden Table Lamp is made up of geometrical panels making a prism. It is a beautiful piece with a wooden gleam to the pattern, but when the LED light is on, several colors will appear, creating a tranquil atmosphere - the real magic comes to life at night.

The brilliant projections of this lamp are big, mesmerizing, and picturesque. Filling your space with cosmic blues, purples, and a dash of pink. This polar star lamp showcases the best colors waves and patterns due to its size.

You can use this for tents while you’re in camping, lively lighting as a backdrop for musicians and sacred spaces for meditation. If you have a house with large spaces then this would also perfectly fit you. Watch the lamp as it shifts to another color, and see it according to the angle from which you view it - making it a wonderful home decor item.

Get this Bohemian Polar Star Wooden Table Lamp to master the secrets of sacred geometry, and you will become a conductor of subtle sacred truths!


Item Type: Lamp
Materials: Wood, Polymer
Size:approx18cm x 11cm x 11cm
Power supply: 3 AA batteries (not included) 
Function: Projector Lamp


Due to different personal measurement techniques, there may be physical errors of 1-3 cm.
  • Please note pictures of products were taken in different light conditions. Computer screens have different settings that moderate colors and patterns independently. 

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