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Black Obsidian Orgone Protection Necklace

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Obsidian is a powerful stone that helps identify your dark side so that its healing properties can clear away from your psyche. It shines a light on the negativity and clears it away, helping us to choose the path leading towards light and love.

Vibrationally strengthened by copper and resin, this unique Black Obsidian Orgone Protection Necklace can bring protective, healing and harmonizing energies to you or your sacred space.

Revered as a life force present in everything, Orgone is an energy healing tool made from crystals, metals, and resin. This concept was inspired by the research of Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the late 1930s. Many people utilize orgone to stabilize and strengthen their energetic field, and to help protect against EMF radiation. You can also use it for the following:

  • Remove negative energy or purify a specific area
  • Aids in meditation
  • Strengthen intentions and visualizations
  • Boost plant growth
  • Support restful sleep

This powerhouse of healing energy necklace can be the perfect gift for your loved ones or friends.


Item Type:Necklace
Chain Type:
Rope Chain
Metals Type: Copper
Material: Black Obsidian, Resin, Gold foil
Pendant Size: 35mm x 11mm
Length: approx 64cm

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