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Ammonite Fossils Tiger Eye Wrap Bracelet

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Ammonite is a fossil that is more than 100 million years old. Its name is derived from the ancient Egyptian god Ammon, who had spiral ram horns and was worshipped all over Egypt and parts of Greece. It is a very powerful earth healing fossil, often used for activating Kundalini and life path energies and also helps spur the life force (Chi) within. 

Ammonite is believed to bring balance in life and promote spiritual growth and development. It is beneficial for professions that require accuracy and analytical thinking. Its spiral shape symbolizes perpetual change and evolution and is often suggested to place at home to attract good health, prosperity, and success and to draw off all negative energies.

Physically, Ammonite is believed to help increase stamina and vitality and lifts the burden felt during depression. It unblocks the energy flow in your body and strengthens your overall well-being.


✔️ Item Type: Bracelets
✔️ Bracelets Type: Wrap Bracelets
✔️ Metal Type: Zinc Alloy
✔️ Style: Bohemian
✔️ Material: Shell, Tiger Eye
✔️ Bracelets Length: Approx 93cm / Approx 36.61 inches
✔️ Bracelets Inner Perimeter: Approx 91.12cm / Approx 35.87 inches
✔️ Bracelets Weight: Approx 56g

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