"Night and Day" Natural Sunstone and Moonstone 9K Gold Necklace

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Feel the energy of cosmic infinity.

The world has been illuminated by celestial bodies of the sky, the sun with its golden light in the morning and the moon with its silver glow in the evening with an endless horde of stars. Their existence since the beginning of time left a trail of countless legends and folklore telling their tale of infinite cycle. Ever mesmerized by the sun and the moon, we dive into the mystical power each carries in their domain as we follow the flow of the universe. The celestial combination of sun and the moon is essential in the balance of nature and make the world a brighter place. A flawless collaboration of masculine and feminine energy.

Moonstone locks its secrets beneath a pearly veil of mystery. Its connection to the magic of the moon has been tangible since ancient times influencing behaviors, emotions, and spiritual growth through its perfect rhythm of cycles and tides. The energy of the moon it carries stimulates psychic perception, clairvoyance, vision, and dream work. It reveals feminine power and assists the mastery of emotions with its calming and soothing qualities to bring them under the control of Higher Will. It is a stone of deep healing waters and sacred feminine energies that can harmonize the body into the natural lunar cycle. Moonstone is a talisman that can guide your journey into your inner self. Its association with the source of spirituality in the Crown Chakra connects one to the source of universal energy and truth resting on higher planes of existence. Ones energies are balanced when the Crown Chakra is in balance.

Sunstones carries the energy of Ra, the sun god, which brings out life from within the Earth. A sunstone has the radiance of the sun and its solar rays as inclusions of copper, Geothite, or Hematite refract the light producing the beautiful sparkles and an iridescent effect of the stone. It is a stone of personal power and freedom reflecting qualities of Light bringing about warmth, openness, strength, clarity, generosity, and dispels dependency on others. It is a nurturing stone that restores enjoyment, abundance, good nurture, and promotes service to others. Sunstones also increases inspiration, enthusiasm, originality, and reveals hidden talents. The gold and orange shades of the stone activates the Sacral Chakra that is the center of the Life Force of the body. It controls the flow of energy between the mind and body that feeds your intuition.

This classy "Night and Day" Natural Sunstone and Moonstone 9K Gold Necklace has a clever "Lariat" design lets you adjust the length and level of the real 9K gold chain necklace with the beautiful gemstone dangles through the 18K gold plated sterling silver sliding gel clasp. The unique shine of the sunstone and the moonstone gems exquisitely catches the light. 

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Product Details:

  • Item Type: Pendant Necklace
  • Item Condition: Brand New
  • Material: Natural Stone, 9K Gold, 925 Sterling Silver
  • Pendant Size: 10mm (Sunstone), 8mm (Moonstone)
  • Chain Length: 50cm | 20in (Adjustable)
  • Chain Type: Link Chain
  • Clasp Type: Sliding Clasp
  • We do not ship to APO, FPO address

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Just received my two bracelets today they are absolutely beautiful. love them very much. Thank You

Ragni P.
Nashville, TN

I love this bracelet! I wear it every single day and I get many compliments from total strangers.

Robin M.
Los Angeles, CA

Ordering this was the best thing I ever did. Customer service and shipping was beyond my expectations.

Kurt S.
Atlanta, GA

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