Why Every Woman Should Be Part of a Sisterhood

Why Every Woman Should Be Part of a Sisterhood

"Because there's one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood."

- Robin Benway

In today's modern world, women are the more targeted consumers of businesses.

Clothing and beauty products are not the only markets consumed by the ladies. There is a high number of women who pay for self-help services. These businesses promise to heal in various ways, let it be by providing digital resources or one on one coaching sessions. 

Why Women Seek Healing

Because of the oppression and discrimination that women experienced in history, women have become vulnerable and scared. 

Even though people have fought to achieve equal rights in this male-dominated world, some women still fear to show up today. When women open up their emotions, they get criticized and blamed.

Thus, women are more likely to seek private healing more than others. They long to find a place where they can show their weakness without receiving judgment and scrutiny.

 A Healing Place for Women

However, history has stated that there is a place for women to achieve well-being. Ancient Sisterhood is a practice where women gather to open up and listen to one another regardless of social status, age, and race. Way back then, women carry out rituals, passages, and circles to uplift one another in their tribes.

According to Upliftconnect, the sacred traits of Ancient Sisterhood are Equality, Mastery, Stillness, Honour, and Fertility. It is believed that these traits will guide women to a path of well-being.

Sisterhood in the Modern Day

A sisterhood is not a cult neither a propaganda against the male gender. It is a culture where women practice kindness, empathy, and they embrace their sensuality even when the world tells them not to.

This is a lifestyle, a cycle, where a woman can show her flaws and in the end find nurture, support, and wholeness. It also doesn't have an end date or business service expiration.

If women have a solid sisterhood, they will achieve wisdom and a higher level of self.

Even if the world is busy, women must find time to nourish her relationship with herself and others. It is an emotional investment that bounds no regret.

Nothing is more beautiful than witnessing women, listen, value, and empower one another.

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