Which Ayurveda Routines Can Change Your Life?

Which Ayurveda Routines Can Change Your Life?

Ayurveda and Yoga can actually make your life better in a huge way. A lot of experts on the subject say that both go hand in hand to make living easy. However, a lot of people don't know that the connecting link between the two is prana or the life force. Anyway, following a daily Ayurveda routine is far better to bring about stability and balance in your life if you have somehow lost them. I you must know, it's not as hard as it sounds.

Healthy Ayurveda Routines To Change Your Life

It's said that the most powerful tool of healing and change in Ayurveda is dinacharya, or a healthy morning routine. It is a well-known fact that if we have a great morning than the rest of the day is also going to be perfect for us. However, a healthy morning routine can be boring.

Therefore, when you begin, you should initiate with replacing unhealthy habits and patterns with boring ones. We are basically talking about the stubborn habits which are really tough to let go. Since, habits become stronger every time we practice it, it’s better to start avoiding them during their formative days itself.

One of the experts on Ayurveda says that there is a metaphorical serum that can actually help break those unnecessary habit from you. It's called oxytocin, and it renders the matrix into which impressions are made in the brain, more vulnerable to new impressions. This largely helps in eradicating the bad habits from within you.

Also called the love hormone, which increases when we feel a loving connection to someone or something, it softens our brains and makes it easier to manipulate old stubborn habits. When oxytocin rises, our neural pathways are rendered more receptive to new impressions. In other words, love makes us more receptive to change. This means that love can help people inculcate new healthier habits and lose the old unhealthy ones. Therefore, even the meditation gurus ask their followers to practice meditation lovingly.

But it is also focus that has to accompany love in forming the new path or habit. The combination of love, which stimulates oxytocin and softens the matrix into which impressions are made, and focus, which reactivates the nucleus basalis is therefore a powerful combination that makes real change more within our grasp. If we employ this duo in our morning routines, we create an even more powerful agent of change.

Therefore, a healthy morning routine, which is also the most important component of a dinacharya a healthy daily routine may eventually become habit, then nature, and change our lives, but as said earlier, it has be accompanied with equal passion for love and focus.