When All Else Fails You Have Emotional Intelligence

When All Else Fails You Have Emotional Intelligence

The ability to stay calm and collected when things go amiss can affect the outcome of any given situation.

According to a study conducted by Talent Smart, 90% of top performers have high emotional intelligence, which they referred to as the “other kind of smart”. Furthermore, when they tested EI (emotional intelligence) alongside 33 other workplace skills, it was concluded that 58% of workplace success stem from EI.

If your EI isn’t that great, not to worry because it can be developed.

“Plasticity” is a term that neurologists use to describe the brain’s adaptability. With inner tools and guidance, you can bulk up your EI.

Here are some things to keep in mind or do when the world seems to be crumbling down around you:


In a scientific study about preBötC (neurons that affect breathing, emotional state, and alertness) conducted by Jack Feldman and his co-authors, they have identified a link between preBötC and locus coeruleus (a brainstem structure). In this study, they found that anxiousness is affected by how rapidly we breathe and that breathing slowly can invokes calmness.

This is why practicing ancient Yogic Pranayama draws us into a calm state. Pranayama is a Sanskrit word translated as "extension of the prana (breath or life force)" or simply put as "breath control."  Head to your nearest yoga studio and breathe through it while stretching the body!

Do not dwell on the doom and gloom

It’s hard to be positive when things aren’t falling into place, but brooding over the situation doesn’t help. It’s time to see the bigger picture, evaluate, and implement solutions based on how you see fit.

Remember: There is no problem too big that can’t be solved.

Ask for help

This is important! Some people do not ask for help due to the fear of being rejected and the thing is we shouldn’t. People love to help, it is what psychologists call a pro social behavior, and each individual have their own motives in doing so. Whether it’s helping out of concern, duty or personal development, you can always find people who are willing to spare some time to help you out of that tight spot. It’s simple. Just ask.

Trust Yourself

Self-doubt is one of our greatest enemies when it comes to maintaining our composure. When things get sidetracked we tend to doubt our abilities.


Keep in mind that things won’t always go the way we expect or plan them to be, so instead of doubting yourself, take it as a challenge to improve your skills.

Be flexible

Keep an open mind, so what if plan A didn’t work? There are 25 more letters in the alphabet, as the popular saying goes.

Knowing ho to channel intense energy and turn that into productivity is the key to success.

Like a lava stone which springs from the fiery heat of the ground and turns out to be one of the most beautiful stones your calmness after a storm is what helps you see clearly and keeps you on track.


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