What Is Hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives? Is it a Secret Strong Enough to Dismantle the Church?

What Is Hidden in the Vatican Secret Archives? Is it a Secret Strong Enough to Dismantle the Church?

According to some people, underneath a car park beside the Vatican library, there are 52 miles of shelves which house rare documents, some of which date back as early as the 8th century and are thought to be evidence of extraterrestrial life. Others also contain some ancient texts which disprove the existence of Jesus Christ. Are these probably some dark truths which would discredit and destroy the Church?

Nobody knows that, and nobody knows how many documents are there. This is the Secret Archive of the Vatican, and what it contains are mysteries, and it is closely guarded against the prying eyes of the outside world.

No one but the curators can enter its massive vaults. Even the owner of the archives, who is the pope himself, may not be allowed inside. What secrets does this ancient repository of power and knowledge hold?

According to the claims of some theorists, the Vatican Secret Archive is hiding documents in order to propagate their whitewashed depiction of Jesus Christ, as well as to hide the most controversial fact about Jesus, that he married Mary Magdalene and fathered a child which would mean that his descendants would continue his holy bloodline that has come to be known as the holy grail.

One mistranslated Latin, which is the word “secretum,” may be responsible for the conspiracy theories about the Vatican Secret Archives. The word “secretum,” the Vatican says, translates more accurately as “personal” than as “secret” and it refers to the private letters and historical records of past popes. In fact, the actual contents can stand on their own without delving into the absurd.

The archives or also known as Archivum Secretum Apostolicum Vaticanum, contain some historical records chronicling intriguing historical events. The contents were once plundered by Napoleon and moved to Paris, span 12 centuries.

For the people in the Vatican, mystery, as well as palace intrigue, comes with the territory. But, for a department whose official name includes the word secret, there is some kind of transparency around a lot of items which are known to be housed there.

There was even one suggestion saying that the Vatican is suppressing knowledge about alien life. Watch the video below and find something more about all this: