Wearing Other People’s Things Can Carry Danger — Be Careful When Taking Stuff That Were Once Worn

Wearing Other People’s Things Can Carry Danger — Be Careful When Taking Stuff That Were Once Worn

Wearing the things of other people can carry danger. Earlier, some scientists attributed the negative influence of things which once belonged to another person to autosuggestion, or to the fact that they really carried bacteria and viruses which were a real reason for an actual infection.

Everything else was considered obscurantism, until the discovery of quantum physics. And, one of its discoveries is very simple – if the two systems interacted at least once, the interaction is going to be preserved forever.

Clothes, as well as some other items which belonged to a sick or deceased person keep information about their owner. This is in accordance with the laws of physics.

And, how much this information can be harmful to the new owner depends on many factors, which include their psychological protection, their immunity, and their emotional reaction to things, as well as a lot of other different factors.

In the research conducted by the Russian scientists Dal and Sakharov, a lot of rituals connected with clothes and items which once belonged to seriously ill or deceased men are cited. For families to get rid of the illness, misfortunes, as well as curses which an ill or deceased person was associated with, they used to leave their belongings o intersections. If anyone that drove by took the clothes, they would be taking the illness or misfortune away with him.

It is actually an interesting thing which representatives of different cultures and believes warn of the dangers that arise from wearing the things of other people. They also advise being very careful when taking stuff which was once worn by others.

The same is also applied to our things, as they can come in touch with someone sicker or unlucky, and influence us late. Again, this is according to the laws of quantum physics.

On the other side, doctors are no fans of children wearing the clothes of other children too, as they can transfer infections and cleaning the cloth of children with heavy chemicals can also be quite harmful.

The best thing would be to buy new ones. And, in the family, things can be transferred from the elder to the younger the family has common microflora and energy.

Wearing the footwear of someone is considered as especially dangerous, as footwear touches the ground and leaves a trail behind. Magical acts are usually done to the footprints of a person if that person doing the magic cannot get to their shoes and clothes.

Some residents of New Guinea and Russian peasants were very afraid of ‘footprint’ magic, so they barely had shoes, and walked barefoot.

Because of that, it would be better to buy some cheap, but new things. Also, give your old but ‘clean,’ only to good people.

The famous Pablo Picasso lived over 90 years, and he never gave clothes to anyone else – he wore it until it was completely worn out. He was a superstitious man.

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