7 Ways To Achieve Wealth That Are Completely Free

7 Ways To Achieve Wealth That Are Completely Free

What is wealth?

It’s a question that most would answer as having monetary gain and financial success. But you may have heard the saying, you aren’t wealthy until you have things that money can’t buy.

So if you want to be the wealthiest person in the world, shift your outlook on prosperity to one that includes these 7 completely free and abundant assets:

  • Hugs. They just feel good. But research says that there’s more to it than how you feel, they can actually lower risk of heart disease, stress reduction, fight fat, boosts immune system to fight infection and lowers depression.
  • Smiles. The more you smile, the better you feel and make others feel. Increasing social connection allows for community and support that is always beneficial.
  • Friends/Family. Your best friend, partner, daughter, mother, siblings, father and the list can go one. There’s no price for the deep connection loved ones can give you.
  • Sleep. We all want it, need it and thrive off of it. A good night’s sleep is invaluable.
  • Laughter… is the best medicine. Always.
  • Good memories. It allows us to do all the things we just mentioned…smile, dream, develop fondness for loved ones. They are one of our greatest gifts.
  • Love. Where there is love, there is life. A full life.

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