Trust in the Process

Trust in the Process



I had just given birth to my first child and the fluid way motherhood entered my life felt beautiful.

While I had questions, I let the answers come to me, especially since we were too busy enjoying every little coo and sweet gesture our little girl had in store for us.

But then my parents and my in laws came to help. And their questions weren’t that easy for me to roll off.

Is she getting enough milk? What’s wrong with her, why is she fussy?

Their meal prep and help at home was more than we could have ever asked for. But the questions were suffocating. While they meant well, I began to feel like I was drowning in the waters of motherhood rather than floating.

I had just completed my second yoga teacher training during my pregnancy and found myself closing my eyes, finding mantra and breath when it all became too much.

And the word trust kept coming up.

I had to trust. I had to trust myself and trust the process of motherhood unfolding as my daughter and I found each other’s bond deepening.

I knew the answers…they were inside of me.

And eventually the external noise didn’t matter. I could roll their chatter off my shoulders as I held my child and felt my intuition rise.

When we steer away from this inner trust and knowing, we lose ourselves. We lose our essence. I hope you enjoy this 10 minute guided meditation that will remind you of the sacred place of trust.

With Love and Light,