Travel the World? 6 Reasons Why We Should!

Travel the World? 6 Reasons Why We Should!

People who travel the world often are more successful than people who don't. If the idea of becoming a world tourist has never appealed to us, we should consider putting it on our bucket list!

There are surprisingly many benefits of traveling the world and seeing the countries we've never been to before. Here are six reasons we all should tour the world.

1. To travel the world makes us venture outside our comfort zone.

When we travel out of our home country to somewhere we have never been before, we're of course venturing out of our comfort zone. We'll have to do things differently and think differently.

When we're at home, we probably have family and friends who are always around us, talk to us, give us support and ideas, etc. However, when we're traveling to a place that we have never visited before, most likely there will be a lot of decision-making we have to do for ourselves.

We'll have to decide where to visit, how to get there, where to stay at night, what to eat, what to do, and much more.

So it can be good to travel alone. That way, we'll see even more and learn even more on our own. But if we're afraid, just tag along with someone or get a friend or two to journey with us.

The more we travel, the more we'll get out of our comfort zone. And as a result, the more we'll grow and become flexible with our surroundings.

More importantly, we'll get to learn how to adapt to a new environment faster than most people who have never ventured out of their comfort zone before.

2. Traveling makes us more creative.

Yes, when we travel, we'll become more creative. The reason is simple: we'll use our brain in a different way and experience life in a totally different manner.

Our thoughts will create new neural pathways when we see, experience, and think about something different. That's why pre-school children who are exposed to mathematics more at home tend to do better when they get to school. They simply have better neural connections that are more suited to that task.

The common things we'll experience when we're in other countries are the culture differences and the language. Imagine going to Japan. We'll get to experience how the Japanese live their lives. We'll try to blend in because we're in their country.

And when we learn some Japanese words, we're using our brain to connect new neural pathways. That's how traveling can make us more creative.

3. Traveling builds our confidence.

Furthermore, we'll gain more confidence when we travel the world. That's because when we're exposed to new things and must be responsible for making decisions while traveling, we'll get a confidence boost.

When we're at home, we're always comfortable because everything is familiar to us. We'll never grow, and our confidence level will almost always be the same.

Things work differently when we're overseas. We need help from strangers; we're asking around for directions and assistance. We may even need to figure out how to order food if the language is different.

4. Traveling widens our perspective and inspires us.

We'll never know how much we can achieve until we have experienced our own potential. This principle holds true especially when it comes to touring the world.

When we travel to another country, we get to see and experience new things. Sometimes, we'll learn something new that we wouldn't have gotten to learn back at home.

We gain new insights and inspirations from traveling. For instance, we can travel to Shanghai to learn how an enormous, crowded city operates, or travel to Japan to experience their Zen teachings and the minimalist mindset.

When we go to a place that has no connectivity, no electricity, and no internet, but the people there somehow survive and live happily anyway, we'll learn to be more grateful and appreciate whatever we have with us right now.

5. Traveling reconnects us with our body and soul.

We charge our phone every single day, right? Why don't we do that to ourselves too? We can travel and experience nature to reconnect with our body and our soul.

Working in our office or cubicle every day isn't going to help nourish our lives. Life is short; we should enjoy both work and fun.

"There's no real difference between work and play – it's all living."
~ Richard Branson

Enjoy work, but also enjoy traveling around the world.

6. Traveling makes us excited and happy.

Remember that first time aboard an airplane, or that first time traveling overseas? What did it feel like? Almost everyone is happy and excited when they get the chance to travel overseas.

That's the kind of feeling that makes us alive! And that's why we should travel the world.

When we're happy and excited, we tend to do better and achieve more in life. And we can always get that feeling through traveling.

Final thoughts.

Those are the six reasons to travel the world. Let's make it our goal to travel overseas at least once a year. Allow ourselves to have fun and learn new things through traveling, and we'll be surprised how much we'll see the benefits back at home!