What Happens When You Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone?

What Happens When You Travel Outside Your Comfort Zone?


Ready to venture outside your comfort zone? Here is a guided meditation for you to do just that!



Many years ago, when I was practicing as a dentist, my best friend and traveled outside the comfort zone to a rural village in Uganda with a non profit organization. I was there to treat hundreds of children with dental disease at their local hospital. It was quite a change from the private practice I was working in close to Orange County, California, and I was outside of any comforts home offered.  The hours were long, the days were hot, and the work was endless. But I loved it!

One early evening, we had finished earlier than usual, and a Peace Corps volunteer we had befriended through the organization asked us venture outside the hospital area for some dinner.

The only way to get anywhere though was to walk…or go on a Boda Boda.

Boda Boda’s are motorcycle taxis commonly found in East Africa, and refer to the word “border, border” since historically during time of war and turmoil, motorcycles were easy transport for people to head across a border without a need to complete the paperwork using a motor vehicle would necessitate.

They are fast… and by American standards, not that safe (you hop on behind the driver without helmets or anything). Plus it would require my friend and I to split up in areas we hadn’t ventured out to during our stay.

It was not something I normally would have agreed to, but in the spirit of exploring the village, in the trust I had found being there with the people I served for many days, I succumbed.

We walked over to the Boda Boda stand and I met eyes with the driver, he knew who I was and said you are the doctor, thank you with his hands over mine. His gesture was genuine, and I got on the Boda Boda. I felt free… the wind in my hair, the smell of gasoline and dirt flying around us on our short ride to the small canopy restaurant we were to eat at. I went to pay and he denied my money. You help my neighbor he said. And that was that.  

My heart grew for the villagers I was at service to in that small exchange between my Boda Boda driver and I. Not to mention that it was the best dinner I had eaten all week, a local woman’s home recipes… full of flavor and love.

It is from embracing these experiences, the ones where we travel out of our comfort zone, where life bears fruit.

In this guided meditation, I take you on a journey to India so you too can step away from the comfort of your home and travel to a magical place of discovery…

With Light & Love,

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