This Holiday Season, Love Is The Gift Humanity Needs Most

This Holiday Season, Love Is The Gift Humanity Needs Most

Love heals: and the world needs healing now more than ever.

But how does one tap into the vibration of love - particularly during times of disruption and uncertainty?

Sally Kempton, author of Meditation for the Love of It wrote, “The Great Love, the love that is the kernel of everything, is present in everything, peeking out during every moment in which we feel a spark of tenderness, appreciation, or affection. Any glimmer of love is a spark from that fire and leads us back to it.”

In this way, when we tap into the inner place of tender appreciation and feeling, we can find this love. In all that is swirling around us right now, what the world needs now… is love.

The time for love is now

Today we have prepared a guided meditation to help you focus on channeling the true essence of love into yourself and others.

Take time after your meditation with your journal as you ask your heart these journaling topics:

  1. What are the most heartwarming compliments you’ve received from others?
  2. What do you love about your body?
  3. Who do you love that inspires you? Why?