This Ancient Energy Source Will Surprise You

This Ancient Energy Source Will Surprise You

Life is an energy, it can be found within and around us. Every function requires a certain amount of energy to be performed, from the beating of our hearts to moving large objects--- it’s extremely important that we do not run out of it.

This is why the discovery of Scalar Energy is a huge game changer.

What is Scalar Energy?

Scalar energy is known to be an infinite energy source, that exists around us. It's been around since the beginning of time and scientists, inventors, even governments are fascinated by the huge potential it presents: The ability to create a free energy source.

A discovery of this scale can play a huge role in improving the lives of people and in resolving the most challenging problems of the world.

As usual, the Ancients were way ahead of us.

In Ancient Egypt, it is said that the Pyramids of Giza served as a powerhouse which supplied energy to surrounding areas. The Sumerian Tablet of Shamash showed a frequency embedded on a stone which enabled the ancients to move objects using sound.

The ancients developed a system that enabled them to turn the sound waves coming from the Earth’s core into an energy source. The limestones inside the pyramids filtered which frequency got distributed, and the gold plating of the pyramids helped conduct the frequencies out, distributing power to the whole civilization.

Since its discovery, many researches were fascinated with Scalar Energy and its uses. One of the most notable physicists to work on this is Dr. Volodymyr Krasnoholovets, he conducted a series of study on the Russian Pyramids and these are just a few of his observations:

1)   Improved Immune system for organisms.

2)   Improved tissue regeneration.

3)   30% to 100% yield in seeds stored inside the Pyramids.

4)   Improvement on the ozone where the pyramid was constructed.

5)   Decrease in violent weather on areas around the pyramid.

6)   Decreased level of radiation for radioactive substances.

Nikola Tesla, the father of Scalar Electromagnetics did extensive research on this subject and called it “Radiant Energy”. He invented the Tesla Turbine, a free energy device, and converted an automobile to run on “Radiant Energy”.

Recent discoveries show that certain methods and devices can help harvest Scalar Energy, so it can be used by individuals like ourselves. This can help us maintain a well-balanced energy for optimal strength. For instance reflectors help concentrate energy and reflect the healing frequencies that it can generate. Try our Quantum Scalar Energy Pendant Necklace and allow your energy to feel renewed. Get yours here!