These Are the Three Reasons Why Modern-Day Relationships Constantly Fall Apart

These Are the Three Reasons Why Modern-Day Relationships Constantly Fall Apart

We have all had broken hearts during some periods of our lives, and we all know that it is something that really sucks.

However, we can’t deny that it is a completely normal thing of our lives to learn how we can handle breakups. There are always lessons to learn about failed relationships. And, if we have the ability to learn those lessons, we also have the ability to simply grow from them.

Right now, the rate of divorces around North America is about 50%. This means that half of the marriages there end up in failure.

Although a lot of divisions occur as a result of things such as money problems, personality differences, or only because the partners get bored, some fundamental problems which may cause hard times for any kind of relationship also exist.

These are, in fact, the three principal reasons why modern relationships have such hard times at the moment:

1. We can’t trust each other.

Trust goes together with communication, and they form the basis of a happy and healthy relationship. Many of us have had some jealous partners who were suffocating us to points of driving us crazy.

Quickly, we are going to discover that they weren’t trusting in us when it comes to hurting them, and they were unbelievably insecure as well. That is what the lack of trust normally is: the insecurities of a person being fully displayed.

When our partner has hard times trusting us, we should see this as the chance to help him or her, whatever past wounds cause his or her behavior. Maybe somebody hurt them or cheated them previously, and they feel deathly afraid that it is going to happen again. We should ensure that they become aware of the fact that we trust them, love them, and we would never do anything so that we would hurt them.

When the two of us may be transparent and vulnerable with each other, the relationship will have the opportunity to grow into something soulfully fulfilling and completely magical.

2. We constantly stay with someone we don’t really love.

Many people in this world feel afraid that they are going to live alone until they die, or they become infatuated with the idea of love.

When they finally feel how beautiful it feels when someone else cares for them and showers them with affection all the time, they will usually seek more attention, even with it isn’t genuine.

When we love a person, our brains are producing many different “feel good” chemicals. They may be addicting, or in various cases, people will love the feeling of being loved, instead of loving the person.

Regardless of the fact if we are afraid of living alone or just obsessed with how amazing love feels, we should know that neither of these things would be healthy, and in the end, we will probably split up.

3. We aren’t communicating with each other effectively.

Maybe the first lesson that we are going to learn when we navigate a relationship is, in fact, that communication is the key to every meaningful and successful partnership.

This is because it is unbelievably difficult to satisfy our partner’s desires and needs and solve the problems which both of us probably have, without speaking openly about everything that is on our mind.

Also, when our partner is doing things which hurt us and our feelings and upset us too, and we never say anything, it will breed resentment. After we keep all our emotions in our inside for longer than we should, we will blow up everything. This may cause some serious damages which will never be truly repairable.

The best thing would be to openly express our feelings when we start feeling them, and we should express them in a non-hostile and calm manner, in order both of us to work everything out constructively.

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