The Truth About Autoimmune Disease

The Truth About Autoimmune Disease

The connection of mind, body and soul is crucial in our dwelling into our inner self. We all are always trying to find ways to increase our immunity. This key to health are basically the soldiers that form a fence of the cells and some other attributes which make the defensive line against invasion of the different disease causing bacteria or attributes. Usually these soldiers should be well aware about the friends and foes, because before attacking someone this knowledge of selectiveness is truly important to have. When these cells forget the difference, Autoimmune diseases occur. Here, these once defensive soldiers attack on the friends and these cells are capable of eating and destroying, because these are “born to kill” type parts of the body. So they start eating up the normal cells of the body that will obviously lead to problem and disease. Modern day medical sciences think that these disorders fall under genetic issues and mutations in the immunity cells.


Ayurveda, the age old ancient medicine, believes something different.

According to Ayurveda- the body itself is a working organization where all cells contribute to the performance of this organization. These cells are individuals too. They have all the possibilities to perform all biological activities on their personal level; this is the commitment of these cells to work all together, which maintains the working the body. Like a community within. These individual cells are loaded with the intelligence and intellect too. Once this intelligence and intellect is changed due to repetitive intake of toxins or mistakes within the diet and lifestyle of the person, their cells start behaving out of whack thus causing the problems like disease and autoimmune disorders.


So how do you treat these autoimmune disorders in Ayurveda?

Where modern medical sciences use the tools to suppress the immunity to get rid of these diseases, Ayurveda approaches this differently. Ayurveda believes that neither low nor high immunity is good for the body so we need to keep this immune level within limits and optimized. There is a high success rate of the treatment of the autoimmune diseases in Ayurveda. Dr. Shekhar Annambhotla, president of President of AAPNA, Association of Ayurvedic Professionals of North America, states that "Ayurveda, the ancient science of health and healing from India, offers every individual a wealth of knowledge to be discovered and applied to our lives for a multitude of benefits." While modern health sciences offer over the counter and prescription drugs to relieve symptoms, as well as surgical intervention for more severe pain, swelling or other symptoms, Ayurveda states that it is best to remove toxins from the body first. When the metabolism is not okay, there will be production and deposition of Ama which is a sluggy endotoxin in Ayurveda that stays in the body like in the gut.

This Ama then associates with the immune cells of the body to result in their abnormal behavior patterns and thus causes the disease. So for proper treatment, first and foremost, Ama needs to be expelled out of the body. Modern health sciences may also try to replace vital substances which are not produced by the body on its own in some autoimmune diseases, like diabetes and thyroid disease, which affect the body's ability to make substances as it needs to function. In diabetes, insulin injections are needed to regulate blood sugar, thyroid hormone replacement restores thyroid hormone levels in people with an underactive thyroid. In Ayurveda, one would correct the metabolism and harmonize the immune system itself by nourishing the body and allow for true healing. This crucial internal harmony is the basis of the ancient science of Ayurveda which is why a movement started by Ancient Health Care plans to get the information about Ayurveda's healing properties to the masses.