The Transcendence of Man

The Transcendence of Man

By: Taylor Millovan

The Dawn of a New Age

As we approach the Age of Aquarius, it is important that we evaluate what this means for us as a human race. Leaving the Age of Pisces, we identify this age of man with that of “golden teachers,” where divine knowledge and wisdom was imparted upon us through the likes of religious leaders, scholars, and political figures. During this age, we saw Christ, Mohammad, and Buddha ascend among various other historical leaders fated to transform the world as we know it, and plant the seeds of renovation from which we will later come to reap. It is important to denote that almost all of these figureheads were male, symbolizing the ruling masculine archetype of the outer world during this age, which appropriates why the knowledge presented itself via outside sources. It is now that we welcome the Age of Aquarius, a period of spiritual enlightenment, conscious awareness, and transformation on the physical plane in which we thrive. Aquarius is a water bearing symbol, where water signifies the unconscious, the feminine, and the inner world, suggesting that now, in opposition to the Age of Pisces, this divine, esoteric knowledge we so desperately seek will come from within and resonate throughout. Leaders have been chosen, “star children” we call them- or rather, souls of heightened consciousness and metaphysical awareness who incarnate to Earth for the sole purpose of guiding her inhabitants to coexist harmoniously at a higher frequency to ultimately achieve divine enlightenment.



Not to be like, a total narcissist here, but hi I’m Taylor and I am definitely a star-child. It’s pretty chill and all, but I didn’t choose this life, it chose me. I was called upon and therefore condemned to a life of social awkwardness and pegged as a stigma in an otherwise materialistic and superficial society. College was brutal. No, don’t get me wrong, I totally loved every second of it and learned to love and accept who I am, but in a world where acceptance of “the crowd” defines where you stand on the social ladder, I was busy on the sidelines trying to knock it over. Anyways, I’m just here to impart my knowledge upon the Internet, hoping to stir some controversial thought in the minds of humanity’s future. Welcome to my brain.

An Interpretation of Creation

I don’t believe in the Devil. I don’t believe in evil. For God did not sow evil into the fabrics of life. No, I believe our universe is a giant magnet, with a negative pole on one end and a positive pole on the other, resonating the very energies that manifest all life. In the beginning, there was God- a total embodiment of all that ever was and all that ever will be, and from there split himself into two other equal but opposite parts. Together they were balanced, and there was equilibrium. “And God said, ‘let there be light!’ And there was light, and God divided from the light, the darkness.” (Book of Genesis) Here we have the introduction of the positive and negative poles, where “light” serves as the positive aspect and “darkness,” the negative. He then created the firmament of waters and dry land. Water, like I stated above is an archetypal feminine entity and a depiction of the inner world, whereas dry land represents the firm, concrete masculine aspect. God then created the sun, moon, and stars, and it was good. For the moon, whose gravitational pull controls the tides of the ocean waters and waters of the mind-body-soul, represents the unconscious mind, and therefore is assimilated with the feminine and negative facets of God. The sun, a beacon of light from which all life is sustained, epitomizes the outer world and therefore the conscious mind, synonymous to the masculine and positive influences of God- the yang to its equal but opposite counterpart, yin. Here the stars (aka, the rest of the universe) represent the super-conscious, the encapsulation of everything, and therefore serve as a derivation of God himself.

As Above, So Below

There is duality to all peculiarities of the universe because energy eternally seeks balance and gravitates towards equilibrium; it is simply just a law of physics. The energy of the universe is cyclical and infinite, so whatever happens on a large scale, happens on a smaller scale as well. As the universe breaks down to its smallest counterpart, from planets to atoms, it is conceivable that what exists on one end of the universal spectrum must exist in an equal but opposite form on the other end, a law that resonates throughout all facets of life. Assuming this is true and there is in fact a yin and yang to everything in life, we can apply this to one of the most controversial subjects that have plagued mankind for centuries: science vs. religion. On the one hand, we have religion, a literal manifestation of the inner world and subconscious mind via symbols and stories expressed in a unified human language that we can fathom and experience on an emotional (feminine) level. Religion is a product of the right hemisphere of the brain, ruler of artistic expression and the creative factor from which these fabricated stories and legends are so beautifully derived. On the contrary, we have the left hemisphere of the brain, ruler of logic and dominion of reason. It is here through the outer world and conscious mind we seek concrete (masculine) evidence in numbers and law to explain our existence in mathematical matrix from which we so brilliantly thrive. We’ve been fighting this war all wrong, “for neither can live while the other survives.” (JK Rowling- we’ve been interpreting this prophetic mantra all-wrong.) One aspect can simply not exist if it weren’t for the other, as they are inextricably linked, bound by nature to cohabitate harmoniously in the fabrics of life.


Enlightenment Achieved

As above, so below; as within, so without. Together we can restore the balance and seek the unification and harmony within the universe by first balancing our energies on a personal level. By pursuing our inherent connection to God from within we are able to resonate our internal equilibrium, and therefore attract like-minded energies (people). Strength lies in numbers, and the more of us that connect on the same plane of consciousness, the more we vibrate at the same frequency of the opposing forces, and achieve equilibrium on a mass scale. Only then can we serve as a collective antenna for receiving divine knowledge and enlightenment, transcending the very world in which we live. It is then can we tap into the vast powerhouse of celestial energy, harnessing it and converting it into useable energy to sustain our world without consequence. It is with this knowledge and with these forces that we are able to ascend our world into a higher dimension, a Golden Age of abundance and prosperity- the Age of Aquarius.