The Secret Lives of Ancient Egyptians

The Secret Lives of Ancient Egyptians

Pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, sphinx, river Nile, hieroglyphics.. the list could go on. When you here all these, Egypt comes to mind.

I’m not going to talk about all of the above mentioned “icons” of Egypt. Instead, I will be focusing on mummies...

Mummies are not the kind that you go to when you get hurt… or maybe the kind you’d one to encounter on a regular day!

They have been around for thousands or millions of years, but, what is a mummy and why did ancient ancestors do this to their dead?
The answers may surprise you and shock you a bit, but hey we’re all curious cats here…

For starters, a mummy is a body that has lasted for centuries. How is that possible you may ask? Well, in Ancient Egypt you can find many mummies buried in the sand. That is if the archaeologist hasn’t gotten to them first! It will look like human jerky…

The hot desert sand draws all of the moisture out of the body and preserves it. The Ancient Egyptians discovered this and decided to do it themselves. They got a salt-like substance that oozes out of the “Mummy Mountain” in Persia“...

...the ancient Egyptians believed that mummifying a person's body after death was essential to ensure a safe passage to the afterlife. Is it? Or is it not?

We can never tell. Let’s leave it to them… to our archaeologists, that is.

Did you know that recently a mummification workshop was found in Memphis, Egypt?

You read that right! A workshop for mummification…

With it, an embalmer's cachette was found that archaeologists believe will reveal more about the oils used in the mummification process in the 26th Dynasty.

But wait, there’s more…

Together with the artifacts found were a gilded silver mummy mask, fragments of mummy cartonnage, canopic cylindrical jars and marl clay and faience cups.

Got curious about this new discovery? Explore Egypt in the comfort of your home. Watch a documentary or read a book about it. It can do a lot of wonders to your imagination and brain.

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We all know that Egypt has gone to great lengths to revive its vital tourism industry… Still reeling from the political turmoil that followed a 2011 popular uprising. Learn more about its beautiful and interesting culture.