The Real Energy of Kali, the Goddess Which Is Often Wrongly Understood

The Real Energy of Kali, the Goddess Which Is Often Wrongly Understood

If we ever dream of the goddess Kali, a Hindu goddess, or if she comes to us while we practice meditation, or we see her as a projection of the stars, she usually comes unexpectedly. Usually, Kali is not represented as a well-known loving guide. She has blue skin, long tongue, tribal markings, and even one decapitated head which she holds in her arm can terrify us at first glance. However, when we understand her true side, we will be released of all those fears of destruction. That darkness has the ability to heal, release, purify, and even set us free.

In fact, Kali is a deity in Hinduism, and her energy and teachings may serve us as a tool for purification of our shadows existing within us and in the entire planet too.

In order to work with the energy of the goddess, you will have to understand her first of all.

Kali is said to bring liberation.

According to some texts in history, the goddess was never depicted as her real and full self; it has been a journey to get there. In 1200 and 1000 BCE, she and her energies have been described for the first time, as one of the seven Agni's tongues, who was the God of Fire. After 400 years, she got her full form, and an additional 200 years were needed in order to receive the title of battlefield goddess. It was said that Kali went to battling and war, considered as the protector that fights the evil.

Then, in 500 to 1000 CE, the goddess was depicted while she was working with one of the three major gods in Hinduism, the god Shiva. While his energy was calm and internal, the energy of Kali was external and driven. He needed her power in order to destroy different worlds, while she needed him in order to control her or stop her at times when it was needed.

Her spiritual form says that she existed before the existence of space and time. She was beyond creation too, and she is going to be there when and after that creation ends. Kali reminds us of the sacred cycle of nature about the beginnings, and also endings. In fact, we have the ability to see this with the change in seasons, such as winter and summer, then with different lunar cycles, such as dark and full moon, or with the death and birth of the human forms. The light will not exist without the existence of darkness, so the goddess balances this play that lasts forever.

Kali is also moving our reality into another different age, as she brings destruction to certain parts of our own lives as a community and as individuals too. Liberation usually comes with ending. When there is a need for decisiveness, she brings it.

The benefits of endings are numerous, because they often end pain and suffering, release stuck energies, and even reveal paths for some new and different beginnings.

Women’s power and Kali.

When talking about the power which women had, she started appearing to a lot of women in recent time. It is not a surprise as in some texts, the goddess Kali manifested from the Love Goddess when she became ‘dark.’

She is considered the shadow, or also the powerful women’s side which usually comes out when they feel distressed, waked upon, abused, or even hurt in a certain way – that is what happens today in this world.

A lot of scholars from the 20thand the 21st-century adopter her as the symbol of female empowerment. Kali is untamable and wild, and she will fight against bad acts performed against the female sex.

Although she looks dark at first glance, she is an empowered warrior that is not dark, neither light, but nature’s force. Creation is closely related to destruction, and although Kali is focusing on destruction, she permits creation too.

Working with the energy of the goddess Kali, both for women and men, in practicing meditation or also during spiritual journeys, they have to keep in mind that she slays the demons which may be internal. She also guides them to face some dark times in life and successfully releases themselves of them. She also reveals the truth and gets rid of stagnation and destruction. Sometimes, her energy can feel intense and chaotic, but with the removal of unnecessary things in our life, there will come growth and great changes on a spiritual level. After that, we are going to follow Kali through darkness into light, when the right time will come.

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