The Power Of Meditation In Preparing For 2020 — New Year New Me!

by Ane Krstevska

The Power Of Meditation In Preparing For 2020 — New Year New Me!

Meditation is a powerful weapon against stress and the primary solution for every nervousness. With meditation, your brain will be recharged. Today we are living a though life, and many people are only filling their selves with negative energy and toxic people.

A lot of stress and nervous will make us feel exhausted and full of negativity.
The mind is working overtime for too long, and it may explode. So, all these things can vanish with only a couple of minutes of meditation during the day. Spend only 20 minutes a day to meditate, and the stress will disappear. Your life will be more harmonious.

The benefits of meditation.

An expert, with a Ph.D. in psychology and doctorate of education, did a survey, and the results revealed that only a simple meditation with only one technique would improve your life. Below we present you the benefits.

• Lower your blood pressure
• Improve your blood flow:
• Throw more blood to the prefrontal cortex
• Enhance functions like working memory, concentration, and visuospatial processing
• Improves your visual memory
• Process information better
• Permits for contemplation, intuition, and creativity to thrive

There is a whole science behind meditation.

A lot of scientists and neuroscientists use magnetic resonance imaging, and CAT scans so can prove the influence of the meditation on our brain. The stress hormone called cortisol is reduced with only regular control of the breathing process. The default network in our brain that is linked to our introspection and concentration is slowing down when we meditate. So when your mind tries to concentrate on adverse problems that will create stress, the meditation will stop that process.

A study which was made by the MIT in alignment with Dalai Lama concluded that meditators could visualize images better than those who don't meditate. Furthermore, meditators can use their brain like an orchestral, so they can connect different networks no matter if they are meditating or not.

With lower stress and anxiety, meditation can be beneficial. Also, it can be useful for workers. A lot of universities, public schools, hospitals, and some health care centers are initiating meditation and some mindfulness programs. The reason for this step is the stress that is very present in the child's life. The result showed to be fascinating.

How to begin a meditation practice?

If you thought meditation is connected with some religion, you fooled yourself.
It is effortless to start. You should make your alarm up twenty minutes, two times per day. This time is only for you. When you set your alarm for the first time, remember you will meditate.

You need to be relaxed and try not to think of anything. Lie down, and close your eyes. Be in your comfort zone. In the beginning, you will start questioning yourself why you are doing this. But, as time passes by, you will hear your thoughts speaking. It would be best if you welcomed all the distractions when you are meditating. All of the distractions will fade away when you learn how to focus on essential things.

Many people use a mantra to stay focused and to relax. Other people are using a particular word. A mantra is very beneficial when you give the meaning of it. A common mantra as 'om' will get your job done. Before meditation, you must relax by isometrically tensing. It would help if you felt that you are relaxed.

The second step is breathing. It would be best if you controlled it. Once you are focused on your breathing, you will see the difference. Now, include your mantra.
This is the way we meditate.

The power of meditation

Meditation will develop consciousness. With meditation, people collect all the conflicts and search for capacity and energy to solve them. It is a compelling thing, so some people are so into it, that they say: "If I were dying, and had only one chance to gift my family, my gift would be meditation."

Many people that suffered a lot, a suffer like losing a child, or a parent, the only solace was the meditation. Only with this action, you can find your inner peace and comfort. Only this way you can come inside you and get yourself back to the central core. It doesn't matter for what purpose you are using it the idea is always the same: a path to consciousness.

In the world of artificial images, meditation will awake you in your incredible source, and it will completely transform you.

Ane Krstevska

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