The Power Of Long Hair According to Legends

The Power Of Long Hair According to Legends

Every single thing in our human bodies has its own purpose, so it is not a coincidence that the hair that grows on our head is growing longer than on some other part of the body. The reason why this hair grows longer than any other is as our DNA programmed it that way. Why is that so? Long hair keeps us warm during the cold winter months and cools during the hot summer period. However, some legends are speaking about hair which provided people with increased and strengthened intuitive powers and abilities, some of them calling them ‘superpower.’ Nowadays, science will probably provide some evidence about why is that so.

Long hair throughout history.

From a historical perspective, for instance in the ancient Greek times, influential men, including warriors too, had long hair in order to symbolize the power they possessed, and, as a result of that, they made their slaves to shave the hair on their heads.

The Greeks considered ideal men those that were philosophers with long beards and long hair too. During the Middle Ages, the European Christians also had similar beliefs. According to their beliefs, long hair was the symbol of power and wealth, while their servants were wearing short hair. Vikings were another group of people that had long hair, but the difference from the ones we mentioned before is that they had their hair long on the top of the head, while it was a short cut in the back.

The writer of “Hair: a Human History” named Kurt Stenn of the Pennsylvanian University, said that the hair brings numerous messages to other people like his or her health, power or religious beliefs.

But, men with long hair were not only a phenomenon in Europe. Some Aztec priests in North America also grew their hair long, and one specific thing was that they always left it entirely untouched.

The Native Americans also kept long hair, but that was until the Europeans arrived. They pressured them to cut their hair short so that they will look more civilized. But, since the 1960s, a lot of them returned to the roots of their culture and with that, to their long hair.

So, all those cultures that had long hair also had similar beliefs which were making them even more powerful, or simply were making them seem more powerful.

The beliefs of Native Americans were that keeping their hair long connects them to nature, life consciousness and spirit. Moreover, they claimed that it was helpful for them to have extrasensory perceptions.

Does long hair give us superpowers?

There is one quite famous tale about long hair which says that it is associated with superhuman abilities, and that is a biblical tale of Samson. The tale tells that when the hair of Samson was cut because of the order by the lover that betrayed his love, so he also lost all his strengths.

There is another commonly discussed information about the Native Americans who were believed to lost their powers when they had their long hair forcefully cut in the Army of America at the time of the Vietnam War.

The increased power coming from long hair was documented scientifically too. The so-called Kirlian photography technique, which was discovered by Semyon Kirlian, an inventor from Russia in 1939, also had the ability to capture some bigger electro-photonic or energetic fields which come from long hair, instead of short one.

According to the studies by science, hair was seen to receive, or send information from the body to the head and opposite. Some say that it was also connected with the nervous system. Although hair doesn’t have nerves, there are root hair plexus around the hair that has nerve fiber endings.

Long hair science.

Neuroscience studied the connection of the hair with our nervous system, so it is the one that studies the brain and the nervous system itself. One study from 2012, performed on mice by the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, discovered that those cells which are growing at the bottom of hair follicles collect some information and after that, they send that to our brain.

Our hair has the ability to send some information connected to our emotional state, the weather outside, or also the presence of some force from outside. Long hair may also help us balance the temperature of our body. It will promote scalp health too.

Regardless of our reason for keeping the hair long, heart-minded or spiritual, it may be an excellent symbol to our self-expression. Keeping our hair long will not bring us negative effects, so we can grow it if we feel good about that – there can be a lot of undiscovered and interesting reason why is that so.

Native American myths have told countless stories about dreams. It is believed that both good and bad dreams circulate through the night air. To make sure that the terrors of the dream life are not able to get through the sleeper, dream catchers were fashioned and hung over the bed or at the window.

Woven at the center is a web that will ensnare and entangle bad dreams so that they will remain there and perish at the first light of dawn. The good dreams are trapped in the web, and slide down the feathers to the sleeping person