The Mystical Energy of Flowers

The Mystical Energy of Flowers

The custom of giving flowers goes back for thousands of years. The allure to a flower is in the idea that they are like us, because they are alive, temporary passengers on an exciting ride. Yet they are also attached to parts of nature that we never experience.

They emerge from the soil and thrive in the sun and are nourished by rain. They use animals to pollinate and flourish the planet in the process.

There is also a deep link between flora and the spiritual realm. Keeping the right flowers close to you can empower your divine connection.

Each flower has a unique ability and the interpretation is just as beautiful as it’s physical presence:



This is a defender flower. If you are worshipping or meditating inside of a building on a regular basis, planting Bird of Paradise outside guards your spiritual practice from outside interruptions.


In Feng Shui customs, Cacti are only good for warding off intruders, but a blooming cactus is a prompt to reach toward the heavens. If you find yourself stressed to trancelike meditation, consciousness-expanding times await you in the moonlit blooms of diverse cactus flowers.



Wearing Carnations in a bouquet or hat links one to the wider universe. Pink carnations summon you into a maternal relationship with the world around you. Red carnations help you come at absolute resolutions in regard to your spiritual quests. White carnations not only represent purity, they de-intensify the need to find earthly happiness. Specific colors carry importance, but all carnations have a strong spiritual connection.



Putting these flowers in your meditation room signals well-practiced discipline and loyalty. You may have been on your path for several years. Perhaps you are an old soul. When you fast or make ceremonial sacrifices, it help to fortify your commitment and resolve.



A happy and harmonious bloom, daisies pull sympathetic people together to soothe disagreement and bring back a sense of joyful peace. This is an essential flower to have on a shared altar.


This is the flower of unchanging meditation. Day in and day out, the existence of the lotus, in any condition of openness, honors and reflects your bond to this world, to the present time and to all the worlds beyond this mortal loop.


When you have a spiritual discovery, buy an orchid or accept one as a present and put it in a sunny place where you devote the most time. Orchids track a span of time and mark events.



The fame of roses had led to many different hybrids, colors and choices. A universal sign of love, it is a sacred bloom. Its presence add majesty to any ceremony. This one is seriously powerful flower.


Tulips help you find the divine beyond words. Sometimes we become hung up on the small stuff; little trivial information that merely take us away from our larger goal: spiritual connection and peace. Tulips beat to higher planes with the big picture of transcendence and salvation. There is a gateway to joy, wherever you see a tulip.

In the 17th century, when religious disputes were tearing Holland apart, Dutch painters exchanged flowers for depictions of saints and deities as their figure of the divine. The role of earth’s blooming buds in finding our own track beyond this earth is an influential gift from the universe to all of humanity.

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