The Meaning & Purpose Of Dream Catchers

The Meaning & Purpose Of Dream Catchers

Many people claim that pleasant dreams will come while you sleep if you place a dream catcher right above your head.

Dream Catchers

The knowledge about the pretty as much as a mystical and intriguing dream catcher is not very spread. The hangers are not only a decoration in your room. People need to be aware of the properties that the dream catchers have.
A lot of people claim that the nightmares will be eliminated if you place a dream catcher above your bed. But, to be real that there isn’t proof of the science.
Because of its beautiful appearance, many people try to believe in it. Once you use them, you will be sure that they have power over your dreams.

Nowadays, even when the kids are very young, the mothers sing a song before bed and attach one dream catcher, so they will ensure the kid will have sweet dreams.
Usually, the mothers put this decoration above the child’s bed so that it won’t struggle with nightmares. People believed that the nightmares are attached in the net of the dreamcatcher. The sweet dreams are flowing gently to the mind of the person that is sleeping in the bed.

Whether this story is true or false, one thing is for sure, and they won’t harm us.
But, they may help to those who struggle with nightmares, and they represent such an exciting decoration for the room. Just because of their usage and beautiful appearance has become very popular and widespread.

As the doctors say, the dream represents the most crucial action in the human’s life. The quality of the dream is essential for the proper function of the organism.
If you struggle with a nightmare during the night, you won’t have enough energy during the day. Now or before you have probably seen a dreamcatcher, at least in some souvenir shop.

Also, we will speak about the origin and history of the dream catchers. They are invented and first created by the American Indians. Many people believe that the creator of the dreamcatchers is the Ojibwa Chippewa tribe. In their language, the name of this object dreamcatcher means spider. That is why there is a net. The net is woven over the hoop. The net is linked with the snowshoes made by the same tribe. Lakota nations and Ojibwa, together with the Native Americans, proved the real existence of the dream catchers. These people used the spiders as a sign of comfort, in contrary to what they are: creepy crawlers.

These tribes have one viral story about the ‘Spider-Woman’. She was the protector of the tribe, especially the children and newborns. Because the tribe was multiplying, she found it hard to reach to protect them all, so she created the dreamcatcher, are the mothers and grandmothers created them for their children.
Nowadays, we can get a dream catcher in many different colors, and you can find it colorful and even with glitter. It looks like a small hoop, which inside has a net from natural fibers. In the end, some remarkable things like beads, feathers, and shells are attached. And they are hanging at the bottom of the hoop.

Symbolism and Purpose of Dream Catchers

There are many stories and versions for what the dream catcher is used. But no matter whether they were real or not, the purpose is the same. It serves to protect the people from the nightmares. The purpose is protective, so they attract the sweet dreams and stop the nightmares.

As the creator said, different creations and designs have a different meaning.
The ordinary dreamcatchers, which are called traditional ones, have eight points where the fiber touches the hoop. Those represent the spider’s legs. As we already said, they were the protectors, and they represented wisdom, knowledge, and energy.

All the tribes had one thing in common; they all agree that the creation is representing the good and eliminating the bad energy. It serves as a neutralizer of good and bad energy. They can be different, in different colors, and with different designs, and they are handmade.

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