The List of Astronauts Who Share Their Beliefs About Alien Visitation Grows Every Day

The List of Astronauts Who Share Their Beliefs About Alien Visitation Grows Every Day

The list of the astronauts that have shared their knowledge, as well as their beliefs about UFOs and some other intelligent extraterrestrial civilizations that are, or have been visiting our planet in the past, extends and grows every day.

For example, the astronaut of Apollo 14, Dr. Edgar Mitchell, once said that there was some crashed craft, and bodies recovered, and Dr. Brian O’Leary also told the world that there is abundant evidence that they were being contacted.

Moreover, Gordon Cooper and Story Musgrave were those that made some interesting remarks about this topic. Also, joining them is actually a growing and long list of hundreds, if not thousands of high ranking military personnel, academic, politic figures and even more.

Additionally, there are hundreds of thousands of pages which were released by some governments which document these cases. Even though we are not sure what happens, we surely know that there is something.

The appearance of such information in the past several years provoked a response from the mainstream media outlets that used to criticize, as well as ridicule the subject. Currently, they take some corrective measures in order to bring more credibility to the topic.

This was seen with the recent hearing about UFOs by citizens, and some celebrities such as Tom Delogne, creating some conscious initiative together with people that come from some major corporations, as well as intelligence agencies.

For example, we would take the founder of Bigelow Aerospace, the one that is of the many who have shared their knowledge about the fact that we are not alone, and that some extraterrestrial beings visited us.

A lot of people put this subject under the radar, for a long time, and suddenly, there was a burst of information which has made it clear to everyone that something is happening.

Gaining more popularity enables the subject to enter the mainstream arena, and the more we need to put our critical thinking caps on.

For several years, intelligence agencies, as well as governments were interested in this subject a lot. All of those mainstream organizations were created to investigate the phenomenon, such as NICAP and MUFON, originate from the community of defense and intelligence. This is actually a common trend which regards to mainstream initiatives which deal with the UFO or the extraterrestrial subject.

Our point here is to note that our government, as well as the mainstream media routinely deceives us about some significant topics. However, people look to them as a reliable and valuable source of information, although mainstream media has some direct connections to the community of intelligence and is also controlled by a small group of financial elite that has specific agendas.

Every day, there is news which should be making some headlines and never does. Instead, we are constantly fed with lies and propaganda, which is actually made even more evident by how often international media in every country share information which contradicts what is presented to people.

There is no need to censor information or say that they are fake news – we should merely have open discussions, also teach people how to think critically, as well as examine sources for ourselves. We have to decide for ourselves what real news is and not let authorities that seek personal profit and gain do that for us.

So, when it actually comes to the UFO or extraterrestrial topic, they were also a prominent topic within the media, and even academia, which swayed or persuaded perceptions.

A lot of scientists and astronauts share their experiences, while there are some who are quick in dismissing any talk of UFOs, saying that they have not personally come across any evidence in order to suggest that the phenomenon is actually real.

In one interview, Al Worden shared his beliefs about extraterrestrials, saying that people are in fact the aliens, but they just think that those aliens are somebody else, but people are the ones that came from somewhere else. As somebody else had to survive, they actually got in a little spacecraft, and came here and landed, then started civilization here, so that is his personal belief.

The comments he gave are quite different from Dr. Edgar Mitchell’s who actually said that he is actually privileged enough to be sure of the fact that we are actually not alone on the planet Earth and that we have surely been visited a lot of times.

However, Worden is not the only one that has brought forth this theory. There are a lot of others too.